Modern Woody With Lots of Textures At The Trevista

Modern Woody With Lots of Textures At The Trevista

Whenever you think of a modern design, there are three key approaches.

The first one is black and white minimalistic, the second is combination with contemporary and Scandinavian, and the third common approach is modern interior with textures to make it look interesting.

In this case, the designer uses the third approach, adding a lot of texture to almost every room. In the living room, the choice for texture almost always is the TV feature wall. But the designer goes a step further, and adds a mirror wall opposite it, further enhancing the texture.

The kitchen is done in an interesting manner. While open concept kitchens are common in modern design nowadays, in this case, you have a feeling that the designer has just “dropped” the kitchen and the kitchen island in the middle of everything. But it fits perfectly in the interior.

The signature element of the design, aside from texture are the beds. In every room, and for every bed, the designer opts for a platform bed. What the platform does is add extra storage, but also creates a certain room within the room feeling.