Opening Up Small or Tight Spaces

Opening Up Small or Tight Spaces


If you feel like your home space is a bit too tight and are looking for measures to open up your space, you can consider a few of these tips during the next time you plan to renovate. These are a bit pricey to do but are totally worth it and will definitely open up your spaces.


This house is the perfect example of creating space in small spaces.


Work with high ceilings. Higher ceilings create the image of depth which makes the room look bigger. Use thin and non bulky furniture. Skinny furniture like the ones seen in this home take up less space.


Choose big windows and glass together with a light wall. This will open up your space so much. The use of glass especially in dividers creates the illusion of space especially when light bounces off it. Dark colors also make a room look smaller and one should stay away from these if they’re hoping to create more room in a house.