Punggol Apartment with Spacious Walk-In Wardrobe
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Punggol Apartment with Spacious Walk-In Wardrobe

walk-in-wardrobe blk 188 punggol

This apartment in Punggol features a spacious walk-in wardrobe plus a study area with 3 bedrooms combined!

The mirror sliding doors helps to make the space look bigger. This design layout is perfect for couples staying alone who have lots of clothes but could not figure out a nice place to store them.

walk-in wardrobe 2 walk-in wardrobe 3 living room

In a true contemporary spirit, the designer implements lots of mirrors in the sleek and elegant black and white interior.

The only room lacking mirrors is the living area, but it still features reflective material on the TV console. Every room is designed with simplicity in mind, but the living area seems to be the simplest of them all. However, it doesn’t lack elegance and character, as few unique pieces make it special, along with the TV feature wall that frames the whole room and features book shelves on the side.


kitchen 2
Going into the kitchen, it is the place where wooden laminates give the kitchen a warm and cozy feeling. For the lower elements, the designer uses wooden grains, while MDF high gloss decorates the upper elements. It is a perfect contract in materials, with a black quarts counter top in between.

dining room 2
Otherwise, from the moment you enter the apartment you are greeted with tons of mirrors. In the dining room, for example, the designer installs a full mirror wall to reflect the entire interior.

dining room 3

dining room
The living area also features a small bar combined with the shoes cabinet, serving as the entrance to the kitchen. Executed in white wooden laminate, the elements in the bar section make the room even brighter.

main door

bar counter

bedroom 2

bedroom 3

bedroom 4

bedroom 5

bedroom 6


study room

workout room

toilet 2

toilet 3

toilet 4


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