Scandinavian Concept At Twin Waterfalls

Scandinavian Concept At Twin Waterfalls

The living area in the apartment features four corners, but thanks to removal of walls in between, they are all blended together.

But let’s start from the main corner, the living area with the TV feature wall. A wall effect through the whole feature wall, along with graphics is what stands out in the room.

An interesting mix of Scandinavian and industrial style is best displayed with the tables. Both the dining and the coffee table are made out of wood, which is the Scandinavian part, and metal table legs, part of the industrial style.

The furnishing of the shoe cabinet is what invites guests into the interior, with calming and spa-like elements placed in the display niche area.

An interesting choice is to add both a dining table, and a bar like section in the area. But they present two opposite sides of the experience, with the dining section decorated in a traditional way to serve as the best option for warm family gatherings.

The bar section, on the other hand, is a more modern area, suitable for gossip with friends.

The children’s bedroom area is where the designer uses his creative mind to figure ideas to add enough sleeping beds, but also playground areas. Bunk beds are his solution, with wallpapers to support the pink theme of the room.