Scandinavian Industrial Style At One Canberra
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Scandinavian Industrial Style At One Canberra

When designers mix and match industrial and Scandinavian design, usually it is the latter that dominates the interior. Not in this case though. This time around, the industrial style is the main style, with the Scandinavian there to complement it.

Starting from the living area, where the designer installs cement grid effect opposite the TV feature wall. The cement grid wall is the focal point of the interior, around which every other detail revolves.

We mentioned that Scandinavian complements the industrial in this case, and the shoe cabinet in the entry hall is a perfect example. With a subtle gradual design, and light finishing, the cabinet is not something that attracts the eye. On the contrary, it is assimilated into the interior.

As for the TV feature wall, its function as well is to complement the industrial interior. Light cement finishing for the feature wall is just the right dose for an element that is often the focal point.

In the study area, the designer installs a signature sliding ladder book shelve. A floor to ceiling cabinet shelve, the ladder is a nice touch of industrial thanks to the metal build.

For the bedroom, the designer installs the bed on a platform. The platform serves the purpose of creating multiple storage options for accessories as it features several desks and drawers.

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