Scandinavian Industrial Stylish Living At Your Fingertips

Scandinavian Industrial Stylish Living At Your Fingertips

You will love the serenity of a unified colour scheme with only white, black and wood as the primary colours that surround you in the two bedroom condo resale. Brand new, stylish furniture has been chosen carefully for your comfort and enjoyment.

Enjoy the clean lines of industrial Scandinavia indoors with wood panelled cabinet doors that match the dining room are perfectly.

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Each room was carefully designed with your tranquility in mind. Enjoy a clutter-free, completely organised living no matter what room you happen to be in the house.

The bathroom features pristine glass doors that emphasize the airy, cool high ceilings, letting you breathe in your own sanctuary.


The masters bedroom features a truly tranquil interior with beddings that match the wall treatment. Sleep in peace and wake up to your stylish environment each and every morning.

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Detailed interiors and careful colour choices maximise space and emphasize the refreshingly high ceilings you will find in every room of the space.