Scandinavian Industrial with Ample Storage

Scandinavian Industrial with Ample Storage

On first glance, Scandinavian style and industrial style cannot be matched, since their basic principle is totally opposite. While Scandinavian requires more wooden and timber elements, industrial commands concrete.

But in reality, everything can be mixed and matched. Starting from the living area, where the designer has installed a concrete back to serve as the perfect background for the timber elements.

The designer adds a customised dining table in the living area. Adding an integrated ceiling feature is a way to mark the dining area as a separate space.

One thing important for the living area is the amount of storage that the designer has managed to add. On first glance, the space is small, and there is no space for cabinet.

And that is true, but creative design of shelves, as well as the integrated dining table add ample amount of storage. And to top it all, the designer places a mirror on one of the walls in the living area to visually increase the space and reflect the natural light.

Going to the bedroom, the designer again uses concrete on one of the walls. This time around, the subject is the headboard of the bed. With hidden lighting, the headboard is both functional and visually appealing.

Adding storage is again a challenge, and this time around, floating cabinet with incorporated shelves is the way to go.