Simple Clean All White Design

Simple Clean All White Design

When you go all in one color, do it in white. White is the cleanest colors of them all, and has tons of shades and variations to play with.

One risk that lurks in all white is the same one from black and white combinations. The room can look dull, monochromatic, and simply put, boring.

This is where decorations come into play. Take the pillows for example. Each and single one of them has a different decoration, all in order to try and break through the simplicity of the room. Or you can always add some sculptures/objects.

Another approach used by the designer is the full wall mirror. Aside from creating the illusion of larger space, the mirror also helps making the room playful, vivid and different.

Some shades you can use in all white design are ivory, cream, beige, champagne, eggshell, linen, vanilla. However, make sure to avoid too white shades such as the snow white, Navajo white, ghost white or baby powder.