Simple Modern Black And White Design

Simple Modern Black And White Design

It would be easy to say that the interior design here is simple and modern. The fact is, it is way more than that. While the designer has stick to simplicity as a main theme, he is not afraid to throw in an element or two here and there. For example, in the living room, the sculpture next to the TV is a subtle, yet important element of the overall décor.

But more importantly, the design shows that even simple, can be luxurious and prestigious. And the quality is evident. From crystals, to glass, and every other material in between used for elements, the quality is top notch.

The cherry on the icing of the ice cream has to be the drapery in the living room. There is no other function for the drapery, except to display the power and wealth of the home owners.

And in a true luxurious style, the bedroom features its own bathroom. While the bathroom is small, it is more than serviceable.