Simple Modern Interior With Ample Storage At West Coast
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Simple Modern Interior With Ample Storage At West Coast

ec vision west coast drive living

From the moment you step into the apartment, you notice the signature design element, which is the TV feature wall.

Looking at the TV feature wall in the living area, you can say that the feature cabinet is a space in its own way. The full floor to ceiling, left to right side of the wall cabinet has everything you need for a modern living including display niches, storage space, and a mirror here and there for that modern outlook we strive for.

And to top it all, the TV feature wall/cabinet in the living area finishes with a side section for the shoes cabinet.

The kitchen might be small, but it is very compact, and thanks to the neutral colors used, looks clean and neat.
For the bedroom, we see a familiar design in recent years. Placing the bed on a platform with stairs towards is one of the more popular choices among interior designers in the past few years.

The design allows you to place your bed on a higher ground, all while getting ample storage beneath the bed.
To round up the modern feeling, a simple, but sleek lamp is all you need.

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