Sleek Simplicity At Blk 476 Upper Serangoon View
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Sleek Simplicity At Blk 476 Upper Serangoon View

The Entryway

On first glance, the interior of the department is as simple as possible. However, look a little deeper, and you’ll notice a ton of creative elements and complex finishing.

Let’s start from the living room, where the designer has mixed almost all known materials into one perfect background. With marble and glass on the coffee table, wood on the TV feature wall and tiles on the floor, this living room has everything.

Reflections and glossy material are a huge aspect of the beauty of the decor.

Going into the master bedroom, the designer starts to stick to just one or two materials. The beauty of the master bedroom lies in the platform bed. Raising the bed on the platform, the designer creates a royal feeling, a feeling of luxury and prestige.

The subtle touch of luxury does not interfere with the main theme of the interior, which is simplicity and sleekness. An underrated element of the bedroom is the illumination on the platform. Reflective materials again play a role in the decor.

In the kitchen, the designer opts for a different approach. Ditching the simplicity and sleekness, the designer opts for a bold approach with vivid red color for the cabinets.

Just in case the color doesn’t overwhelms the kitchen, the designer uses red color just for some elements of the cabinets, not for all. A quarts kitchen top is an ideal finishing for this dramatic background in the kitchen.

The Living Room

The kitchen with its maroon highlights

Colours aren’t necessarily just for aesthetics. We used a different colour for some cabinets to help our client mark out cabinets that contain more commonly accessed kitchen items.

The Master Bedroom

View of the wardrobe and false ceiling design, from the window settee.

Bedroom #1

The Study Room

A bookcase with ample storage space for avid book lovers!

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