Spacious HDB Kitchen At Blk 141 @ Simei
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Spacious HDB Kitchen At Blk 141 @ Simei

ec vision sleek modern kitchen 1
The design of this apartment is very simple and basic but without it looking drab and dull. Even if it is devoid of home decor and a lot of furnishings, all the spaces still managed to look presentable and stylish.

The designer made sure to work with seamless carpentry, creating a sort of flowing movement with the different shades of wooden laminate used for the kitchen. Because of this, the designer was able to pull of accessorizing the space without even having to use too many furnishings.

ec vision sleek modern kitchen

One will notice how the darker shades of the wooden laminate were used for the lower shelves while the lighter color of wood was used for overhead shelves. This was a great way to create a more sleek and elegant approach to designing the kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen counter makes cooking and going around much easier.

ec vision sleek modern common bathroom

The common bathroom is a burst of vivid color as the designer made use of red tiles to accentuate the while walls. The contrast in colors adds life to the space, and does not make it look nor feel boring.

ec vision sleek modern master bathroom

The masters’ bathroom is sleek and subdued just by looking at the choice of colors alone. The glass doors that separate the shower from the toilet creates the illusion of depth that we normally find lacking in bathrooms. The designer was able to blend the right tiles together to make the bathroom look pristine and relaxing.


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