Spacious Luxury HDB Apartment At Hougang
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Spacious Luxury HDB Apartment At Hougang

This finely detailed HDB apartment at Hougang looks like an exquisite display of marble-looking floors and soaring ceilings. When stepping into the living room, you will be greeted by what seems to be one of the most graciously designed enormous entertainment units.

This spacious addition will allow you to store books, framed photographs, toys and other sentimental valuables you want to have close to you. In addition, as you look into the open kitchen, you can see the eye-catching bar, and one of few red accents this home has the offer. The bar stools grandiosely sit tall, and give the space a chic French vintage feel, all by combining red and black colours.

However what makes this home truly unique is the mixture between luxury and practicality. White goods are available all throughout the property, and the slick wooden finish of the kitchen means that no cupboard handles are on display. From an important family perspective, this means that the home is safe for small children, as it mostly has high counters and few to no visible sharp corners.

For anyone interested in fashion, prepare to be swept off your feet: the bathroom looks like an oasis of relaxation and beauty, where spa-looking beige colours complement the space. A wooden door hides the spacious Sex and the City look-alike wardrobe, and gives the bathroom an opulent and extravagant look.

Conveniently placed, you can simply enter this secret room after having taken a bath, meaning that you can choose your attire in the privacy of your own space.In a few word, this home can be described as a spacious luxury hideaway for you and your family.

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