Spacious Modern Simplicity Viz at Holland
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Spacious Modern Simplicity Viz at Holland

Arguably the most important aspect of the interior is to make it look as spacious as it can. The designer achieves the goal by opting for a minimalistic approach to the interior design and furniture.

Starting from the living area, the TV feature wall is the perfect example of minimalistic approach. The laminate shelves on the feature wall are creatively positioned to create an illusion that the set is floating.

Two black stripes with lights on the ceiling add a dramatic element to the living area.

Going into the dining area and the kitchen, we again see the simplistic and minimalistic approach to positioning. What is interesting as well is the addition of a storage cabinet with display niches in the kitchen.

That way, you do not have a feeling you are in the kitchen, which can relief the owner from the stress of cooking.

Using different layers and irregular forms for the walls and ceiling is another approach that the designer has used to the environment playful and unique.

A good example is the study area, with a great mosaic like book shelve made out of natural timber, and white laminate wood.

For the children area, the designer goes the LEGO way, with colourful shelves, and stairs that can be used for storing and removing all the clutter from toys. A loft bed is a great way to maximise the playground.

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