Spacious Scandinavian Home With Floating Cabinets
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designscale clean modern scandinavian children room study desk

Spacious Scandinavian Home With Floating Cabinets

designscale scandinavian living area floating storage

Pairing clean and straight lines with neutral color is what makes this design timeless, pleasing and attractive. For the Scandinavian aspect, the designer adds lots of wooden elements into the carpentry. 

Starting from the living area, where the designer has two goals in mind, make the room spacious and functional with lots of storage. Custom floating cabinets helps the air and light flow through the room.

Speaking of that TV feature wall/cabinet, the designer aims for clean and simple look, but with few twists. The standard twist is installing a display niche within the shoes cabinet. However, adding marble for the TV feature wall adds an element of sleekness and luxury.

In the master bedroom, we see the continuity of storage options. The designer fully uses the potential of the bay window space, installing custom storage cabinets, The wallpaper in the room accompanies the pattern and color of the wooden laminates, creating a flow of energy within the room.

For the children room, the designer installs several build in, floating shelves with unique shapes. It is all about childhood and children’s joy.

designscale clean modern scandinavian tv console designscale clean modern scandinavian master bedroom
designscale clean modern scandinavian entry
designscale clean modern scandinavian children room designscale clean modern scandinavian children room study desk

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