Storage Ideas In Living Room At Blk 266B Punggol Emerald
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ax image LIVING

Storage Ideas In Living Room At Blk 266B Punggol Emerald

One of the many gripes of homeowners is the lack of space in their apartments. The solution is actually simple and there are so many tricks that one can use to make guests think that your space is bigger than it appears to be.

One trick to use is to stick to one color when designing your home. Take this living room for example. The owner employed the use of all white regardless the material. Marble tiles and shiny panels for the cabinets, even the walls and ceiling were done in white. This creates the much needed depth to the area.

ax image LIVING

ax image KITCHEN VIEW 2

Another option is to blend two spaces together. In this example, the dining area and the kitchen mesh well together as if it was really meant to be that way. The working table doubles as a dining table which is also attached to the oven. The designer adhered to t the all-white theme, with only the wooden table differing in color.

ax image KITCHEN VIEW 1

In the kitchen, the designer used MDF high gloss finishing for the kitchen elements, providing that touch of prestige and luxury. A wooden laminate counter top adds some color to the room, and a floating bar top serves as a dining section.


The master bedroom is simple yet elegant. It is a no frills space and minimalistic to provide the ambience for relaxation. Pin lights add a more cozy appeal and the frames signify the personality of the owner.


The walk-in closet is straightforward in black and white exuding a very sophisticated appeal. A small rug in the middle adds to the drama and flair that the walk-in closet aims to create on the onlooker.


As you enter the walk-in wardrobe that doubles as a bathroom, depth is instantly felt because of the glass table and the consistency of the use of black and white cabinets in the background.


A night table is present in the bedroom, to liven up a seemingly dead space. Because of the mirror, the illusion of space and depth was instantly created. The windows helped in creating the look and feel of a bigger space.

ax image MASTER BATH

The masters’ bathroom did not disappoint because it adhered to the overall design and theme of the apartment. Depth of space was also evident in the bathroom with the use of black shiny tiles on one side which resulted to a reflection of the whole space on its wall. Another point why the bathroom looked bigger was because it didn’t have clutter. When a room is free from mess, it appears to be sleek and much wider in space than it is.

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