Subtle Luxury Modern Concept At Robertson Quay Rivergate

Subtle Luxury Modern Concept At Robertson Quay Rivergate

From the moment you enter the apartment and into the living room, you get the sense that you are in a luxury apartment, but it is not expressed as much. And that is just what the designer strives for: luxurious apartment, but in a subtle way.

Starting from the living room, we see few interesting concepts, such as the display niches on the cabinet in the TV feature wall. Another interesting moment in the living area is the subtle way the designer has removed all nude walls.

Even the ceiling has wallpaper on it, adding texture for more richness and luxury. Once you move from the living area to other rooms, the luxury feeling is more and more expressed.

Take the dining area for example. While there are is no glitz and glamour popping out, the Egyptian style decorations clearly express style, character and prestige.

In the bedroom, we again see the tendency of the designer to cover all nude walls. Texture again plays a role in the décor, serving as the perfect background for the expensive beddings and other decorations.

Just as the spine is the backbone of our body, texture provides that support for the luxury décor in this apartment.