Sweet Baby Room That’ll Blow Your Mind!

urban habitat pan boathouse boy room

Sweet Baby Room That’ll Blow Your Mind!

urban habitat pan boathouse nursery 1
The nursery is a slight departure from the vivid and pastel colors used for the rest of the interior. The signature mark is the “faux sky”, achieved by finishing a wall in black and adding LED lights mimicking stars. 

urban habitat pan boathouse nursery

urban habitat pan boathouse full view
With the popularity of the new movie Peter Pan, designers in all areas are trying to incorporate some details from the bellowed children’s tale into their products. In this case, an interior designer has completely transformed a home to look Pan-inspired.

urban habitat pan boathouse layout
As you can see from the new layout, the home contains a nursery, a boy’s room for the children, and a master bedroom. There is a hall from which homeowners can enter almost every room.

urban habitat pan boathouse living area
But let’s start from the beginning, which is the living area. In an effort to make the TV feature wall stand out, the designer has used vivid colors for the furniture, while the TV feature wall is covered in neutral colors. Further enriching the space, the designer adds gold details in the glass of the coffee table.

urban habitat pan boathouse dining area
Going into the dining area, the designer continues with the use of vivid colors (green in this case) for the furnishings. Since this is a dining area for a big family, the designer places a long settee combined with small chairs to fit all the members of the family.

urban habitat pan boathouse boy room
The boy’s room is decorated in pirate theme. A two floor bed fits the boys, but a unique pirate ship outlook makes this room a joy to be in. The lower bed has several entry points. The boys also share a study desk.

urban habitat pan boathouse master bedroom urban habitat pan boathouse master bedroom 1
For the master bedroom, the designer again installs a special effect wall by using paint deck for the walls. From a carpentry standpoint, the designer installs a unique wardrobe with more top cabinets to add extra space in the bedroom.