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1 This living room is one of the best samples of a modern themed space. The color palette of black, white and grey is one of the best ways to achieve a cozy and modern vibe. Elegant curtains, the soft carpet and sofa add the texture to the area. The TV feature wall that is made of tinted mirrors made the large television set pop out. The high ceiling grants a 3D illusion of space that is even doubled because of the bright lighting.
interior doctor modern contemporary living area Grey color scheme has been used for the interior in order to create cozy, comfortable and relaxing interior. In the living area, the signature element might not be visible for some, as the best part is the false ceiling, which adds depth to the room. And with so much height in the room, the designer has opted for floating shelves opposite the TV feature wall to maximise the space. 
inzz studio small space contemporary living area This spacious living area is found at One Canberra designed with contemporary style in mind. In small spaces, the trick is to create neutral background and add one or two pieces that are visually appealing and attract attention. Such is the case in this apartment. 
When designers mix and match industrial and Scandinavian design, usually it is the latter that dominates the interior. Not in this case though. This time around, the industrial style is the main style, with the Scandinavian there to complement it.