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1 One of the fastest rising design concepts used for apartments these days is the Scandinavian-Industrial design. Most young couples and millennials opt for this concept because it is easier to maintain and at the same time, more streamlined and straightforward. To create the Scandi-industrial look for your living room and dining room, use neutral colors and wood together. Lighting is minimal and focused. If you wish to add a bit of color, use it as part of the furnishings or decor so that it would not be too distracting.

1 Scandi-industrial homes are quite the rage these days with home owners. Majority of them ask their designers to design their apartments in a way that is stylish, yet fuss-free at the same time. The challenge at times is when home owners ask for a twist in the concept so their apartment can stand out from the rest. This home in particular is Scandi-industrial in look and feel but one  can also see Western influences in the design, here and there. The living area alone looks very spacious and Westernized with the white sofa and plush carpet. Ornaments and home decor are also Western in approach and placement, making the space stand out.

1 We couldn’t be more ecstatic with this project because it looks absolutely gorgeous. The designer decided to go for a mix of both modern contemporary and Scandinavian industrial, and getting an awesome looking unit fit for any young professional or bachelor. Clean and streamlined furnishings and decor with a pop of color here and there adorn the whole flat.