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1 There is always a sense of comfort when a designer makes use of wood and brick as materials to design the look of a home. These two when combined make a studio unit look bigger and give it the feel of affluence and modernity. The trick is in making sure that the colors don't clash and the texture of the home decors and furnishings sync well together. The sofa in this area for instance, blends well with the overall design of the unit and the brick wall on the right provides for the perfect design accent for the studio.
Living Hall When you are trying to add natural aspect through wooden laminates in the interior, some designers usually choose to stick to one wooden laminate design to create a certain flow. However, in this case, we have a different approach. 

Source: Space Define Living in a small apartment gives people a different perspective on their life, as they find out what is really important. When you have abundance of space, chances are, more than half of the elements, furniture in the apartment is excessive. But in a...

Working the space to its perfection, the designer tries to make everything look good, contemporary, but the elements must also serve the purpose of practicality and be multifunctional. Nevertheless, the designer manages to pull everything off, and place the most important and necessary elements in the...