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1 Bedrooms are the private sanctuaries of any person. It is where they relax comfortably and be themselves any time of day. In order to be comfortable in one’s own bedroom, the design and look of the room should be done according to the personality of the owner. This bedroom is clean and streamlined. The use of wood makes the room simple and stylish at the same time. The TV feature wall is geometrically designed, adding character to the space.

1 One of the fastest rising design concepts used for apartments these days is the Scandinavian-Industrial design. Most young couples and millennials opt for this concept because it is easier to maintain and at the same time, more streamlined and straightforward. To create the Scandi-industrial look for your living room and dining room, use neutral colors and wood together. Lighting is minimal and focused. If you wish to add a bit of color, use it as part of the furnishings or decor so that it would not be too distracting.

1 One of the major challenges of designing a home is the lack of space. This is why interior designers come up with a lot of unique solutions to make an apartment look like it is bigger than it actually is. It has always been more difficult to work with limited space than it is to design a larger area. One way to make your living room look bigger is to employ 3D illusion to the area. Use glass shelves and cabinets that will double the reflection of the area. Another way is to use monotone colors that will enhance the use of the glass shelves. White will be one of the perfect color schemes to use.

klein interiors Living One of the many aspects of a modern urban home is the pop of color it can incorporate into its interiors or overall design theme. This is evident in the living and dining rooms of this HDB BTO apartment. Both areas share one big space making them sync with each other. Two lazy boy chairs are the best furnishings for the living area while the colorful chairs.