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This 4-room HDB apartment is an excellent example of how subtle mix and match can be. What is interesting about the interior is that the designer opts for more modern flooring materials in the dining room, such as tiles, but still sticks to parquet in...

Mood Board: 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] photo PhotoGrid_1450425974740_zpsmjp5mnfk.jpg Mood Board - Whites[/caption] As my BTO completion date drawing nearer after waiting for almost 4 years, suddenly, I got a slight pang of anxiety regarding the interior design. Putting my worry aside, I finally be able to sit down and start browsing through some ideas to add to my mood board after months of being busying myself planning for my own wedding and taking a good recent vacation break away to Cairns. 
dc vision contemporary all white kitchen In the kitchen, the carpentry work is impressive. The designer has made the elements as sleek as possible, removing handles and installing touch and push to open elements. The biggest challenge in all white interior is to add some playfulness. The designer does that via the carpentry work.