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1 Scandi-industrial homes are quite the rage these days with home owners. Majority of them ask their designers to design their apartments in a way that is stylish, yet fuss-free at the same time. The challenge at times is when home owners ask for a twist in the concept so their apartment can stand out from the rest. This home in particular is Scandi-industrial in look and feel but one  can also see Western influences in the design, here and there. The living area alone looks very spacious and Westernized with the white sofa and plush carpet. Ornaments and home decor are also Western in approach and placement, making the space stand out.
1 If you’re always on the go and don’t like to be bothered with too much fuss, this apartment is perfect for you. This work station also doubles as an area where you can rest. This space can also be your bed room. A bed is situated on top of a platform with a countertop serving as your workstation. The use of dark wood makes the space look modern and elegant at the same time despite the lack of home furnishings and decor.
1 There is always a sense of comfort when a designer makes use of wood and brick as materials to design the look of a home. These two when combined make a studio unit look bigger and give it the feel of affluence and modernity. The trick is in making sure that the colors don't clash and the texture of the home decors and furnishings sync well together. The sofa in this area for instance, blends well with the overall design of the unit and the brick wall on the right provides for the perfect design accent for the studio.
urban-habitat-kitchen-countertops-kompact-panel 1 KompacPanel is a wood countertop that is gaining popularity in recent years due to its sleekness and safety properties. Highly fire resistant, KompacPanel is also stain and microorganism resistant. But the best part is, the material is just 6mm thick, making it sleek and unique in its own way. 

A combination that will never go out of style and is always trendy: White + Wood interiors. Timeless, sophisticated and comfortable. Add interest by playing around with different textures. Foyer area with display shelves and display/storage/shoe cabinet! This is when style meet functionality. Using wooden strip pillar...