Terrace House @ Pavilion Place

Terrace House @ Pavilion Place

The dining room is magnificent and grand with mirrored walls that create a feature in themselves. Generous use of glass creates an idea of spaciousness.

The feature wall in this living room is a combination of mirror and textured tile with a wall mounted TV and a low built-in entertainment console. A shimmering chandelier makes for a stylish accessory. Liberal use of white keeps the space light and fresh.

The entryway has vintage charm, featuring a large round mirror and a beautiful console with an antique look.

The master bedroom is dreamy and luxurious with large French doors that open out into a generous sized balcony. It also features a classy ensuite, a beautiful chandelier, an entertainment area and a feature wall.

The children’s’ rooms are spacious, practical, fun and colourful. They accommodate sleep, play and study quite comfortably with lot of room to spare.

The terrace is the perfect place to relax with a built-in hot tub, a porch swing and lots of comfortable outdoor seating.