The Ansley @ Mandalay Road

The Ansley @ Mandalay Road

Think of an old castle, but renewed and designed in a modern style. Rich, elegant and full with unconventional elements, the living room is a masterpiece few designers can pull off.

In a subtle way, the orange – red combination touches every room. All the doors in the apartment carry the theme, vibrant fire energy that inspires and motivates.

The colors work wonderful as a contract to the otherwise dark and scary walls. With such dark colored walls, a heavy dose of natural light is mandatory, not optional. And the floor to ceiling glass doors and windows deliver just that. There is a heavy use of mirrors and glass in the living room, creating visual illusion of larger, more spacious place.

Fans of colors would love the children room. Rich, quality colors are used on every element, expressing character, boldness and personal style that many would be afraid to show. The office / relaxation room is another colors rich environment.

In the kitchen, a chocolate brown color looks wonderfully when paired with white and silver shades.