The Complete Makeover Of Peach Garden Condo
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The Complete Makeover Of Peach Garden Condo

So one of our clients approached us with his dated design, but very spacious residence at Peach Garden. We took on the challenge and turned it into a whole new living luxury.

Some of you may recall seeing our 3D mock-ups here.
What was previously a space without character, is now a remodeled, spacious apartment with high technology as the theme that glues the environment.

Sticking to minimalistic design in order to emphasize the spacious character of the apartment, the designer adds just the necessary furniture elements. With lighting sources from different angles, the place looks even bigger.

The mirrored wall is the highlight of the apartment, reflecting not one, but three sides of the apartment. The walls in the apartment have been eliminated, and the designer connects the living and the dining room for even more spacious feeling.

Lights glow from all angles and sides. In the kitchen, aside from a dining room, the designer installs a bar for a more modern feeling. Even the chairs on the bar reflect the style of the designer, which is minimalistic and modern. The three colors: white, black and red are synonymous for modern style.

In the bedroom, the modern theme is also present. And when it comes to mirrors, it is clear that the designer is fond of them, trying to add mirrors and glass on every piece of furniture he can.

Another beautiful home, another happy family.

Here’s a glimpse at the place before we started work:

We got down to it:

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