The Interlace Condo

The Interlace Condo

Many would find having a full height feature wall with simple designs is too mainstream. For this project, what we proposed is not a design with just full carpentry, but also incorporation of decorative resin panels & thin layered veneer carved panel.

The carved panel was placed in the middle, which naturally became the focus of the living room, not forgetting to blend with the beveled edge bronze & black mirrors, and to have a creation of marble look as a finishing for this feature wall, the decorative resin panels were used. The interior looks complete with the ceiling designed to have LED light strips shining from both inwards & outwards.

Incorporating majestic elements into your interior design, yet expecting it to be still looking modern isn’t an easy job. For this project, we’d managed to put wide smiles on our home owners’ faces with our designs.

On the other side of the wall, again, we didn’t just apply full carpentry for a feature wall. This time, we use a different type of decorative panel named Embossed Wallcovering. A horizontal bronze mirror was chosen to outstand the match of this decorative panel.

At the dining area, mirrors of different colors was designed to be in a non-symmetrical way to prevent the supposingly small dining area to be looking “fixed”. Accompanied with customised fixed & mobile cushion settees, the dining area resulted looking cozy, yet at the same time, not losing its spacious visuals.

If you’re a home owner whom dislikes to see existing bare walls by HDB/Condo managements, cover it up with feature walls or decorative panels. The cushion bed head was designed to be low height, so the remaining walls are covered up with a designed feature wall. A sitting area was designed at the corner for reading purposes.

If you have parents staying with you, and they can’t accept designs with vibrant colors, brown & beige are here to resolve your headache. Laminates of wood grains and marble texture goes well with each other, creating a comfortable ambience for the elders.

A full height cushion bed head was integrated with the storage bed which comes with drawers, that allows you to keep your bedsheets at a lower height. This assures you that no more climbing of higher heights in retrieving the necessity is required within the household.

Kids grow up quickly, and their senses changes as fast. Classic colors are safe to choose from and one will not get sick of looking at it for longer periods. A customised double decked bed was designed for the children, and if you have a dosmestic helper at home, you may consider having another pull out bed below.

A study area is still able to be accommodated in here, & top hung cabinets were designed for more enclosed storage. Open shelves were not designed for the top hung cabinet fully, as it was integrated into the double decked bed by the sides.