Three Ways to Achieve the Modern Cozy Design for your Apartment
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Three Ways to Achieve the Modern Cozy Design for your Apartment


This living room is one of the best samples of a modern themed space. The color palette of black, white and grey is one of the best ways to achieve a cozy and modern vibe. Elegant curtains, the soft carpet and sofa add the texture to the area. The TV feature wall that is made of tinted mirrors made the large television set pop out. The high ceiling grants a 3D illusion of space that is even doubled because of the bright lighting.


The dining area is all things stylish and elegant. Tinted mirrors complemented the tinted dining table and stood out in the white space. Because of the mirrors, the small area of the dining space doubled almost immediately. By adding an artwork on the wall, the dining room instantly became lively and vibrant. The use of elegantly designed pieces or decor in certain areas, such as this dining space easily achieved the theme of the entire home.


The masters’ bedroom is as modern and cozy as the rest of the apartment. Once again, the choice of color played a big role in achieving the look the designer wanted to get. The wallpaper gave the room character and made the TV its centerpiece that is very chic and modern. One of the best ways to get your home to look elegant and subtly modern is to be careful with the choices of furnishings to put together.

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