Timeless Modern Contemporary At Floridian Bukit Timah

Timeless Modern Contemporary At Floridian Bukit Timah

One of the biggest strengths of the apartment is versatility. In the living area, the designer opts for full floor to ceiling windows with drapes all the way. This gives the homeowner option to brighten up or darken the room.

Speaking of the design, it is elegant, classic and timeless, and in a true contemporary style, it can stand the test of time.

The TV feature wall is usually the object for decoration in contemporary homes, but in this case, things are kept simple and elegant. A simple marble background is enriched with shelves and a floating TV.

The open concept kitchen is separated with just glass doors from the living area. The move integrates the kitchen, allowing it to benefit from the light, but also gives the option to owners to separate it at any given moment.

The designer uses simple, natural outlook for the finishing of the kitchen elements, in an effort to not draw attention towards it.

The designer has placed a mirror next to the dining room, reflecting the whole living area and making it look visually bigger.

In the master room, the trick is to visually increase the room and add elements that will not affect the space. The designer does that by adding mirrors next to the bed. Mirrors are essential visual element, but they are also practical.