Tips To Maximise Space In a HDB BTO 5-Room Flat
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Tips To Maximise Space In a HDB BTO 5-Room Flat

The clutter of modern life can accumulate easily, especially in a small HDB BTO 5-room flat.

However, making the most of available space can ensure your home is clean and inviting, like the design shown in these photos.

Overall this home makes good use of all the floor space provided, and shows how careful design can really help to maximise space, and create a comfortable environment.

This theme is continued in the kitchen, with fantastic under unit lighting, and large cupboards and drawers giving a lot of storage space, while still providing a decent amount of counter area.

In the living area, the space has been divided into comfortable sitting and eating areas, leaving a large part of the floor clear and creating a feeling of spaciousness. This is enhanced by the large windows, and built in storage which allows any clutter to be hidden out of sight. The simple design and furnishing is lifted by interesting lighting, which also helps to illuminate and enlarge the room.

The designer has chosen to maximise space in the bedroom by raising the bed itself over a set of drawers, and using a large mirror and windows to make the room feel open and uncluttered. Built in storage and more innovative lighting complete the spacious effect.

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