Top 3 Storage Secrets For Every Room In Your Apartment
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Top 3 Storage Secrets For Every Room In Your Apartment


Adding extra storage to the apartment is one of the greatest challenges designers and home owners face in the 21st century. As apartments are getting smaller and more compact, it is crucial to find storage solutions and improvise as much as possible. We present you some storage secrets for every room of your apartment. Stick to them, and you’ll have space for all your clutter, clothes, dishes, spices and everything else.

Storage Solutions for the Kitchen


In recent years, kitchens have fully changed their functionality. They are no longer the room only used for cooking. Instead, Western influence has forced designers to focus on open concept kitchens that are also used for dining and entertainment. Here are some tips how to save storage in the kitchen.

1. Think of the little space behind the cabinet doors. You think of it as a dead space, but in reality, it is a space that can be used for storing spices, jars, and much more.

2. The sides of the refrigerator are another dead space that also can be utilized in a variety of ways. One way is to use it as a vertical spice rack. Add magnetic spice containers, and you have a spice rack. That is just one idea, you can think of much more.

3. Lastly, a fully equipped kitchen island is the best way to add more storage to your kitchen. Every kitchen needs a kitchen island, and your job is to take full advantage of its potential.

Storage Solutions for the Bedroom


The bedroom is the room that requires the most storage solutions, and it is hard to find storage for all the clothes and everything else we keep in the bedroom. Not anymore.

First and best example of finding extra storage in the bedroom is the bed. Instead of a classic bed, opt for a loft bed that allows you to add storage under the bed.

Another idea is to “hide” the bed into the wall. Some people opt for a built in bed in the wall, which provides two things: more room in the room when there is no bed, and extra storage in the wall.

The last tip is to use the vertical space of the bedroom, and the bed especially. A floor to ceiling wardrobe is a must and standard nowadays, but we are talking about the bed now. You can connect the end of your bed with the ceiling with some wooden rails, and use the space for adding hangers.

Storage Solutions for the Bathroom


In the bathroom, it is all about cleaning the clutter, especially adding storage space for appliances and chemical products. The first and most common space for adding storage is the sink, or better said, the space beneath the sink. If you install drawers, this is the best option for storing toilet paper, washing powder and similar products.

The vertical walls of the bathroom are your next best friend. Do not waste them, and add every small detail on the wall. Last, but not least, a built in mirror with storage. Your built in mirror can open/close, and the space behind the mirror can be used to store shaving foam, toothbrush, tooth paste and similar products. The mirror doesn’t have to be built in, it can also be mirror cabinet.

Storage Solutions for the Living Room and the Hallway


The biggest and the smallest room in the home can also use some tweaking. Let’s start from the hallway, where a slim table is the best option if you have a narrow hallway. The table can serve as a point where you leave your keys on, but the space under it is also a nice storage solution.

For the living room and the hallway, if you have stairs, never ever forget the space beneath them. For many people this is a dead space, but a clever designer can built a whole wardrobe from the space beneath the stairs.

Another solution is to opt for corner sofa, and one that is “glued” to the wall. In this case, you can add storage beneath the sofas. However, for this solution you must order custom made sofas with storage options beneath them.

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