Top 5 Mistakes People Made When Going For Scandinavian Design
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Top 5 Mistakes People Made When Going For Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian style is one of the hottest trends in the interior design style. People love the simplicity and beauty that Scandinavian design brings. The homes are renowned for the pure style, the utility, functionality, clean lines and flawless craftsmanship.

While many look at Scandinavian style as a simple and easy to pull, the reality is that the style in underrated when it comes to the elegance it brings to the home.

And it really isn’t as easy as it sounds to pull it off. People tend to make mistakes when trying to go Scandinavian, and most of the mistakes are either overdoing something, or not doing it all.

1. Floors
When it comes to floors and flooring, Scandinavian style prefers clean floors, without any rugs on it. It is okay to put a rug or something else on the floor, but try not to attract all the attention of the room to the rug. This is one of the most common mistakes people do.

When it comes to rugs and floors in the Scandinavian style, they need to be in flow with each other. The rug must complement the floor and vice versa. Adding an animal print rug is one mistake people do. That might work in a modern home, but not in a Scandinavian design where the focus is on simplicity.

2. Colours
Do not get this wrong, but going all white and all grey can sometimes be boring. Scandinavian style can survive a bit of colour. That doesn’t mean you should suddenly go bold colours, but you can add pale and pastel colours with accessories.

Black and white is the most commonly used combination, but you can always spice things up by trying cream white, light brown, champagne beige, other shades of white, shades of brown and anything in between. Don’t understand this by trying five different colors. No, find two colors that work, and their contrast is evident.

3. Wood And Materials
When it comes to materials, wood is the preferred material. And this includes everything in the house, except for maybe the bathroom. But while people add wood in their interior design, they forget to put the emphasis on it, or are afraid to show.

Stop hiding, and show yourself. This is the main principle of the Scandinavian design. You can add wood on many unconventional places. For example, wooden layer on the ceiling adds warmth, coziness and comfort to the room. Cladding on walls is another way to achieve your goal.

Another mistake when it comes to wood is people forget to remove the yellow from woods such as oak and pine. To do so, use grey oil, and your wooden elements will shine as never before.

4. Overdoing The Accessories
We said Scandinavian style is minimalistic, it focus on simplicity and functionality. But some people try to add their personal touch by accessories. And in doing so, which especially applies to women who love colorful and trendy outlooks, they break one of the main rules of the design.

Remove as much clutter as possible. All those boxes, sculptures, and everything in between you think should represent a mark in the room? Forget about them, and your room will be more beautiful. Women need to accept that when it comes to Scandinavian design, the motto “less is more” is always applicable.

5. Functionality
The Scandinavian designed home is very much liveable and functional. Whenever you add a furniture piece, consider the location and the lines of it. If your furniture is in the way of some of the paths in your home, move it. Your paths should be as free as possible, and you should be able to move and perform without thinking.

The moment you need to think how to get from spot A to spot B, something is wrong with your interior design. Or better said, it might not be wrong, but it is not Scandinavian style.

image credit: Voila Design

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