Top 5 Most Common Mistakes In Interior Design

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes In Interior Design


We all make mistakes. That is life. But some mistakes can be avoided. While for some life experiencing mistakes we must be the one to go through the experience, there are others for which we can learn from others.

When it comes to interior design, there are always mistakes. Some are minor, some are major, but in the essence of all there is one thing: we either overdo something, or don’t do it at all. Let’s have a look at some of the most common mistakes in interior design.

1. Lack of storage
First and foremost, when designing an interior, one must think about storage. Where he/she will place his/her things. If the furniture does not provide built in drawers or enough storage options, we must think outside of the box. After all, nobody wants clutter all around the house.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to make a list of all the things you posses, and as you purchase the furniture, think what you will place in it. For example, this cabinet will be for your books, the shelves will be for my decorations and so on. And most importantly, always leave room for more, as you will expand your belongings as you grow and develop.

Some storage solutions that do not eat up much space can be shelves for books under the ceiling, or cabinets with doors on the balcony for seasonal clothing. You can always allocate your clothes.

2. Monochrome interior


When decorating the environment, people usually stick to one style. And that is perfectly normal. However, sticking to one color is very common and typical mistake. Not that all white interior designs do not work. There is simply little to no life in them.

If you like to stick to one color for the background of your apartment that is ok. But make sure to add colors through accessories, furniture and other elements. Every room needs playfulness, and monochromatic interior is hardly the source for it.

3. Faux Finish


Smartphone manufacturers have started this trend. Especially those who stick to plastic as a build material, but make it look like faux leather or metal. It simply doesn’t work. Imitations of wood, stone and so on look disturbing in the interior.

Now, this is not to say that a brick like wall cannot be the signature element in your style. But that wall should not be a wallpaper that looks like bricks. Scandinavian interior brings a lot of interesting ideas you can implement. Look and try some of them.

4. Placement of switches and outlets
To be fair, the number of sockets in a room depends of its purpose and the number of expected electrical appliances. But one cannot help but notice that sometimes, corners in the room lack sockets, while other spaces have too much. The placement of switches and outlets is usually the job of the architect, but homeowners and individuals can ask the investor to adjust the sockets according to their preferences.

Some homeowners forget they have the option, and they try to improvise when it is all set and done. It is definitely worth thinking about sockets before purchasing and decorating the apartment. A common strategy is placing sockets, double if possible, in the corners and an additional socket for the TV.

5. Oversaturation
We mentioned at the start that most mistakes come from overdoing things. Well, excessive furniture is the worst and biggest enemy of the interior design. Excessive furniture ruins the beauty and the comfort of the environment. Homeowners mostly make the mistake of placing several small things, instead of going for one, big cabinet.

Another common mistake is placing paintings, mirrors and photographs above eye level (or below). That mistake breaks the geometry of the space and makes the visual perception of the room uncomfortable.