Transforming Old Design Into Industrial Scandinavian Theme

Transforming Old Design Into Industrial Scandinavian Theme

As a refreshment to an old apartment, the industrial Scandinavian style is the ideal option. While most Scandinavian designed apartments strive for minimalism, here you will find a space crowded with elements.

But the designer has managed to fit all the collectables of the owner, and still make the space look in order. The living area is cozy, comfortable and well balanced.

The area is neither too industrial, neither too cozy. The use of natural raw timber is a perfect contrast to the industrial look of the area.

The kitchen has been remade into an open concept kitchen, with a lattice framed mirror that separates the dining area from the kitchen. The mirror visually increases the space, and allows more light into the kitchen making it look brighter.

The use of natural materials is present in the whole apartment, with materials including raw look timber and tiles.

Lighting is done in an interesting way. In the living room, for example, the designer uses LED lights instead of the ordinary lights to create a different illumination.