Ultra Retro Themed Home You Have to See to Believe

urban habitat retro children bedroom

Ultra Retro Themed Home You Have to See to Believe

urban habitat retro living area
The 70s, 80s and 90s are making a big comeback in fashion in the past years, and now, the retro style is getting its fair share of appreciation in the interior design as well. And while interior designers cannot go all retro, they can always add a twist of retro to the apartments they design. This apartment is an amazing example.

The living area is full of color and just oozing with character. The walls are printed in retro decor and the photos of retro cartoons gave life  to the room. Even the furnishings and decor are retro in look and design.

urban habitat retro kitchen

The kitchen is warm and bright and a place where any person will want to stay long for conversations over lunch or dinner. The area has been designed in such a way that preparing and eating meals would and can be done in this room. The cabinets are made of wood that is reminiscent of the old days. The Pepsi and Coca-Cola logos that hang on top of the door are classic in look and feel, making the kitchen still exude the retro vibe.

urban habitat retro master bedroom

Going into the master bedroom, the designer uses that retro approach and colorful design for the wardrobe cabinet. The floor to ceiling wardrobe is divided into small boxes of different colors, which gives the impression that several boxes have been put on top of each other. The brick like effect for the wall behind the bed is another nice touch. The photos on the wall add the character to the room and it helped exude a happy vibe that is one of the characteristics of the retro era.

urban habitat retro children bedroom

The second bedroom screams retro in every aspect. From the walls and shelves, to the color scheme down to the bed and the carpet. The room is so vibrant that if you just need to feel happy, all you have to do is step into this room.

urban habitat retro stairs

The accent wall by the stairs makes the space look cheerful and full of warmth. The retro design of the home has given life and joy to all the areas of the apartment that it serves as an inspiration for other homeowners to design their homes the same as this apartment.