Unusual Ceiling Design At Blk 487C Sunshine Gardens

Unusual Ceiling Design At Blk 487C Sunshine Gardens

The focus in the interior design here is to present timber at its full glory. Timber has been used not in a Scandinavian like design, but more in a luxurious and prestigious way.

There is a difference in the timber and wood used when the goal is to achieve Scandinavian design, and when you go for more luxurious outlook. The difference is evident here, as the depth, texture and richness of the timber is first class.

In the living room, geometrics plays a huge role. But geometric forms and shapes have been used in a subtle way. For example, the ceiling is not executed in a classic sky like ceiling, but with ore triangular forms and shapes. Even the chairs and the sofa are placed in irregular form.

The bedroom, on the other hand, is an example of mixing and matching different wooden textures and styles. From light brown to darker shades, the bedroom has it all.

But the star of the show is the bathroom, often underrated room. With different tiles and textures, the bathroom has that luxurious feel, but still keeps the coziness and comfort.