Victorian Style @ Rainforest Condominium
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Victorian Style @ Rainforest Condominium

Victorian style exudes a sense of grandeur and luxury. Here we see one of our client’s home spruced up like a palace.

Visitors are greeted on their right by the dining area, adorned by a beautiful crystal chandelier. Further in, the living room sits ready to welcome guests and treat them like royalty.

From this view, with the entrance on the right, guests will see an intricately carved floral style partition that separates the entry from the kitchen. This partition also comes with a half-height shoe cabinet.

A closer view of the dining area and the living room.

Intricate floral wall papers line the entire living area, acting as a base for the overall theme, keeping everything in line with the theme.

The living room is adorned by a cabinet system that keeps with the Victorian style also. White is chosen for this cabinet system as it compliments perfectly with the slight gold theme without overpowering it.

The living room – view from the sitting area. Note the entrance to the kitchen and the corridor leading to the bedrooms on the right.

The corridor lights exudes a glow that bounces off the golden wallpapers, creating a warm, luxurious feel as you make your way to the rooms.

The master bedroom keeps in line with the overall Victorian theme as well, as seen here, wall sconces adorn both sides of the bed while a tufted bed head adds to the overall touch of luxury.

More wall sconces to top off the dressing table.

The kid’s room took on a different style however. Brighter colours are used inject vibrancy into the overall design.

The younger brother’s room with a closer look at the cabinet and study table system we designed.
(p.s. Minion and laptop not included)

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