Viewing Your Home Through Scandinavian's Eyes
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Viewing Your Home Through Scandinavian’s Eyes

aart boxx Scandinavian waterbay 1
The Scandinavians spend five months in every year in winter. Since the sun hardly rises in some days, the people have come up with ways of maximizing the light in their living spaces through the use of color, windows, mirrors and clutter reduction techniques.

The following four pictures show an example of how some of the mentioned features have been used to pull out an excellent Scandinavian concept.

Bright through neutral

The first picture reveals an extra-large window, a neutral colored couch and white walls. It is also notable that no blinds or curtains have been used on the window. This allows all the light to pass through without any distractions. The white and greys reflect the much light already getting into the room, hence giving the viewer the impression that the room is much larger than it is already.

Keeping it simple
aart boxx Scandinavian waterbay 2

The second picture reveals a room that is as free from clutter without disappointing those who love knick knacks. The wall and table decorations have been kept to the minimum, hence allowing the space in the room to be visible. Glass accentuated features have been used to enhance the artificial lighting in the room. You are able to feel cozy in a spacious well lit room.

Some more light please
aart boxx Scandinavian waterbay 3

Nobody wants to eat their food in the dark or a poorly lit dining area. The artificial lighting that has been brought closer to the table allows as much light in the room during the night and dark days’ as would be if the window was wide open during summer. Although the window has a curtain to allow privacy during family meals, the white colors on the furniture and walls, once more, enhance space.

aart boxx Scandinavian waterbay 4
The bedroom is not different from the room in the second picture. Wall hangings have been kept to the minimum and white and greys have been used to enhance both space and lighting. Overall, the false ceiling evident add a cozy feel to the Scandinavian concept without compromising on space and visible serenity of the house.

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