Visually Enlarge Space For A Bright And Airy Interior

Visually Enlarge Space For A Bright And Airy Interior

With a simple goal in mind, visually enhance the space, the designer has opted for the best approach for the interior. That is, painting the room in white and shades of white, with carefully selected furnishings to complement it.

Starting from the living area, the designer installs a clean and simple TV feature wall, with just two horizontal lines for sleek outlook. Installing a mirror opposite the wall is the way to enhance the space and bring more light.

For the dining area, the designer has demolished the walls, and installed glass panels instead. The glass panels ensure that the dining area gets more than enough lighting, and the space looks more spacious.

In the entry hall, the designer also opts for a clean and simple approach. A simple shoes cabinet with display niche in the middle invites visitors to the space.

In the master bedroom, the designer adds several mirrors for visual enhancement of the room. The bed is placed on a platform, with timber headboard that also serves as storage option creating a fine look.

The TV feature wall is in line with the timber furnishings, with a simple, clean and sleek design.