Walk-in wardrobe At Queenstown is Absolutely Awesome

Walk-in wardrobe At Queenstown is Absolutely Awesome


The masters’ bedroom features dark wood panels and yellow lighting that is inviting and relaxing at the same time. A large, chocolate brown, double cabinet serves  as both a partition to the main bedroom and a walk-in closet of sorts. It creates the illusion of bigger space in the room and adds more life to an otherwise dead corner.

masterbedroom 2

The bed is situated on a platform of wood,  a shade lighter than that of the floor where the cabinet sits. This creates even more depth and makes the bed larger than it actually appears. The elevated platform gives a feeling of power and exclusivity. With the cabinet facing the door and serving as a partition to the main area of the room, a sense of privacy is created when compared to just the door and the bed right away.

kitchenThe kitchen interiors will make anyone in the household want to cook. The color palette is warm and cozy, definitely inviting one to create sumptuous meals for the family. There is no unnecessary clutter in the area and the way the work station and kitchen appliances are placed alongside each other creates a sense of balance, harmony and organization.

kitchen 2

One of the areas in the kitchen is a storage cabinet that is stylish enough to be its own decor. Because of the dark wood panels, it exudes a rich vibe that is cohesive with the overall design of the apartment. The jars of ingredients are neatly stacked together on one side of the storage cabinet, adding color to the space.