Warm And Cozy Feel With Brick Walls

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Warm And Cozy Feel With Brick Walls

de style modern shoe cabinet
Starting from the living area, the designer had one goal in mind, and that is to make the space as cozy and as warm as possible. To achieve that effect, the designer uses brick like texture in the living area, installing a whole feature wall. The warmth of the bricks is evident, and enhanced by a simple lamp. 

As for the TV feature wall, the modern style is evident. The mosaic on the feature wall is excellent, and accompanied by wooden background it creates unique and sophisticated element.

In the living area, the designer also installs a separate room that can serve as playground or a study corner. Framing the area with glass panels and aluminium black frames is an excellent way to separate the room, but also add dramatic touch to the living area.

The shoe cabinet is subtle, and creatively positioned right next to the entry door. Separating the entry space from the living area is a faux wooden wall.

In the master bedroom, a walk in wardrobe is the signature element. Between the two sides of the wardrobe the designer installs full, floor to ceiling full image mirror for the convenience of the owner.

de style modern brick living room
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