White and Metallic Home Ideas

White and Metallic Home Ideas


If you’re aiming for a sleek and minimalist or industrial type of home, an easy way to achieve this is to pair them with tones of silver and gray. It’s an easy way to maintain a clean home aesthetic without having any problems wondering if it will actually match because most of the time, it will.


Incorporating silver accents does not have to be too loud and even little decorations found on pillows or frames on night stands will make a huge impact.


A white and silver table is always a good idea and it can make a home look sophisticated and neat. A metallic type of silver is preferable over matte silvers.


Silver or grey hues look amazing in bedrooms and can easily be spruced up with simple artworks that add a pop of color such as the pieces hanging on this wall.


In the end, a silver and white color combination is always a preferred and safe aesthetic to rely on as it is sure proof to make any home look good.