White Walls With Contrasting Wood Grains Carpentry

White Walls With Contrasting Wood Grains Carpentry

The introduction of contemporary elements is evident right from the moment you enter the apartment. The whole interior is done with wooden furniture, but what the most appealing moment is the colour combination.

The brown shade that the designer has picked works so ideally with white, that at times it looks even more dramatic than black and white.

Minimalism is another approach that the designer has taken into consideration for the interior design. Even the coffee table in the living area is as small as possible. There are very few elements, but the ones that are there, really count for something.

The hallway is arguably the best part of the apartment, as the whole glass wall reflects the apartment and creates such dramatic outlook. The hallway also serves as a walk in wardrobe.

In the bathroom, we see again the influence of the contemporary design. The tiles on the wall look a lot like the core of wood.