Wooden Theme Style With Quality Wood Finish

Wooden Theme Style With Quality Wood Finish

A very common misconception in interior design is that it’s not a good idea to mix wooden themes with modern appliances and furniture.

However, as you can see in the following pictures, the two can be combined to create a unique and elegant style.

The wooden panels that are used on the floor, sections of the ceiling, and in some of the furniture give the room a cozy and classic look.


With the addition of modern appliances and furniture like chairs, couches, lamps, and art pieces, the rooms are given a unique blend of classic and modern concepts. What’s great about the style is that it allows you to be creative and experiment with various combinations.


Although the style works best in homes with wide rooms and spaces, it can still be utilized in smaller rooms. You just have to cut back on the appliances and furniture that you use. It’s a beautiful design concept that never gets dull or boring.