You'll Want To Live In This Home When You See What The Designer Did
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You’ll Want To Live In This Home When You See What The Designer Did

The designer has matched several styles in order to get the final result, and they blend in perfectly. From modern, to industrial and with a mix of some graphic elements, the interior looks stunning.

The kitchen is the perfect example of a room where all three styles are used. The modern style is evident by the finishing and outlook of the kitchen elements, while the hanging wires with lights are a reminder of an industrial touch.

In the living room, the creativity of the designer is at full display. The designer has used the window bay for placing seating area.

Just next to the seating area the designer installs hanging shelves from the top, on which he places a computer, just enough to turn the corner into a small office room.

Using the window bay is a signature element in the design of the interior, as the designer has used the same space in the bedroom as well. But while for the living area the designer uses the space for practical reasons.

In the bedroom, he uses the space for fashionable and character reasons. Installing a mat black top on the seating area is a great way to make the room dramatic.

In the bathroom, the designer again shows his creativity and ability to work with tight spaces. He installs shelves in a dead space area, successfully transforming it into a usable storage space.

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